As a distributor, we are the direct access to markets in CIS countries. Here, logistics and transport in particular are a challenging cost that can quickly strain legs for any Start-Up.

We provide transport, import, permits, certificates, intermediate storage, goods optimization and of course documentation.

At any time, all transportation is conducted in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and GDP standards.

You benefit from our many years of market presence. As your local business partner, we are your direct access to sales and distribution, in areas that require knowledge of both national and regulatory matters.

In addition, we have the necessary cultural understanding and flexibility to implement individual requirements and guarantee service, both before, during, and not least, after the sale.


No matter what product you want our help to distribute, we ensure the highest level of support for customers.

We ensure the optimal mix, of professionally highly qualified and skilled staff, to provide the highest support and service.

Project Management

Implementing new equipment requires preparation and management. Whether it’s a large MRI scanner, new diagnostic tools in the emergency room or software update.

Through our local anchoring, we build project groups, focusing on all phases of the project.

It covers all aspects, from the design and remodeling of premises, access roads, to training, operation and ongoing maintenance. Together with you, we ensure the customer a well-thought-out and optimal project.

Medical Devices

An essential part of our service is extended warranty conditions, either as a result of national legislation or specific tender requirements.

The delivered products and equipment are installed and maintained by certified employees and partners, all of whom are trained in collaboration with and in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines for the specific products.

We facilitate ongoing training / in-service training of staff, assembly, Start-Up, operation and maintenance.

We have the flexibility

…to implement individual requirements and guarantee service, both before, during and after the sale.